under construction

Roodan Commercial Complex

Shahrvand Roodan recreational commercial complex located in Roodan, Hormozgan province. The building is being run on an area of 2,400 square meters in 5 floors. The building is made up of five floors and has an infrastructure of over 12500 square meters of commercial space and 1,000 square meters of amusement space. The project was designed and built in accordance with the newest methods of the day. The position is in a way that is around the developing part of Roodan. Now, with a physical advance of about 95%, it is running and preparing for exploitation.

Complex of medical: Atebba Rasht

The building of the complex is under construction in a land with an area of 3618/41 square meters in Rasht. The construction of the project has begun since 2017 and is now under construction. It is estimated that the end of 1399 will be completed and exploited.

Shomal BandarAbbas Recreational Commercial Complex

This building has been planted in a land area of 20017.58 square meters in the urban development area located on Shahid Rajaee port boulevard. The location of the project is due to urban development, residents' needs and feasibility study in this area. The building has commercial and recreational spaces; due to the lack of commercial space in the project area, lack of recreation space in the city and the impossibility of using the recreational spaces available in all seasons of service to the residents, and The other side of the space together will create more dynamics. In general, the program of exploitation, layout, and design is intended to be active on a local, urban and regional scale, and used by all strata of society and different age groups. Due to the lack of commercial space in the designated area, this building will be on a local scale supplying the residents' weekly and monthly needs. On the other hand, due to quick and easy access to all parts of the city and the provision of a variety of commercial and recreational services, it can have a decent performance. Locating the location of the project is determined in such a way that it is linked to the main trilogy of the city, and can have a regional range. Currently, the excavation phase of the project has been completed and it is under construction for the next step It is anticipated that with the implementation and start-up of the operation, it will be possible to create jobs for 400 people from all over the city.