Subsidiary Companies

Fanous Langargah with the main goal of effective management of financial resources, profitability, value creation and development through construction, commercial, industrial and mining activities, agriculture and chemical industries in the domestic capital markets, the company has taken steps to develop relations and attract capital Externally. Currently, the Fanous Langargah Holding comprises four companies in different fields

The Fanous Langargah subsidiary companies included:
Ofogh Fanous Langargah:(Field: Research and Chemical Industry)
kesht va seyde sayeh (Field:Agriculture)
Ofogh fanous Langargah (Field: Fishery)
Kavoshgaran elm va ma'dan jonoob (Field:mining)
Tejarat Sayeh Bonyan(Feild: comercial)

The Fanous Langargah group has activity in the fields of construction, commercial, agricultural, fishery, mining, design, and also in the chemical industry in the production of fuel and oil additives, in addition to diesel engines oil and gasoline engines oil, Catalysts and new Nano-Composite for gas separation.>