Quotation of The CEO

  • in the name of Allah, that all we have is a corner of His infinite mercy. A lord who has given his many blessings to his servants and has blessed him with effort and movement. Today we are proud to announce that the group of Fanous Langargah companies, with the main objective of efficient management of financial resources, profitability, value creation and development, has been able to take effective steps in the domestic capital markets through construction, commercial, chemical industries, industrial and mining activities and agriculture and Seek to develop relationships and attract foreign capital. At the end of the second decade, Fanous Langargah Company has been working with continuous efforts and effective management and is more consistent than ever to succeed. Development has always been our goal. relying on divine power in the light of faith, effort, and planning, in the second decade of its activities, We have been able to take a few steps, with the aim of helping the development of the country in different parts of its, in various areas, including construction (residential, commercial, official, ...), agriculture, fishing, and industry and mining. In order to realize the slogan of balanced regional development with thorough and scientific planning and utilizing the high power of manpower, the advanced machinery and equipment, along with modern-day technologies and appropriate methods of implementation, projects and activities with a variety of Proper quality in different provinces of the country, including the provinces of Hormozgan, Tehran, Fars, Gilan and Kerman are running or operating. The managers and staff of the company are pleased to be effective in developing their regions and creating employment, especially in less developed cities. They also hope that using the experience gained, they will contribute to the country's economic growth and development, and, by providing employment, will take a small, step-by-step path to solve the unemployment problem. With this view, the Fanous Langargah Group, inspired by Leader's long-standing ideas, has always set the global horizons with Iranian perspectives and has achieved a special place in the national and international arena, and has sought to become a brand in the fields of construction, Fisheries, agriculture, and mining.

    CEO of Fanous Langargah