Construction of walls "Ateba Rasht"

In the operation of building Wall of the Ateba Rasht Project, a light industrial block has been used, which, while increasing the speed of the operation, has an impact on the quality of construction, and improves the quality of the implementation. Therefore, we are proud that the construction of the project and its development process in terms of time management are consistent and equal.

Aloe Vera cultivation

Beginning of Aloe Vera cultivation in Rudan Gardens

Dropped ceiling and Painting

Check out the steps for painting, dropped ceiling and installing Tempered glass in the Rodan Shahrvand commercial Complex

Dropped ceiling and Painting

Check out the steps for painting, dropped ceiling and installing Tempered glass in the Rodan Shahrvand commercial Complex

The construction of Rash Ateba project completed

With the help of God and diligence of the execution team of the Rasht Ateba Project, the concrete skeletons and concreting of the project with an area of about twenty-two thousand cubic meters, with the implementation of 44 section pas and the final stage of the concreting of the structure after 43 Massive bulk concreting stages. It should be noted that all concreting steps were carried out in accordance with the latest standards of concrete in Iran and under the supervision of experienced specialists and using modern equipment and machinery.

Mass production of ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer from the refinery and chemical waste

CEO of Fanoos Langargah Company, located in technology Units of Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas, told to the Anna press journalist in Bandar Abbas about the mass production of ammonium thiosulphate fertilizer: This company succeeded in producing ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer from refinery and chemical industries for the first time in country, by support of Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas. By producing and manufacturing this domestic product, Iran became the third country in Asia after China and India with technical know-how. Mehdi Ranjbar added: Ammonium thiosulfate is used as a 60 % liquid fertilizer in agriculture. This fertilizer is used to stabilize soil nitrogen, which is a prominent feature of this fertilizer to eliminate pests and insects, increase crop tonnage per hectare and alleviate the alkalinity problems of agricultural soils. He said: The obvious benefits of this project are agriculture and sustainable development, which include soil remediation and salinity removal, along with increasing the quality and efficiency of strategic agricultural products, such as canola, maize, wheat, rice, and so on. Increases farmers' incomes, employment in agriculture and industry, supplying domestic demand and export opportunities, unnecessary import and production of phosphate fertilizers, saving currency, preventing selling sulfur crude, and producing more value-added crops. He mentioned that "This fertilizer reduces soil contamination due to the accumulation of nitrate and cadmium, reducing the need for more toxins, and increase health for humans, animals, and plants,". It also contributes significantly to the health of the environment. Ranjbar added: The company's products are in the Technology Assessment System of Iran (SAFA) with a state-of-the-art technology (TRL۵), selected as the second-highest technology at the 2nd Exhibition of "Technology Market of the country with the focus on agriculture and natural resources" in February 2019, and the top jury product, at 19th Exhibition of "Research, technology, and technology market achievements" in Iran in January 2019, is a great honor for producing this product.

Ateba Rasht Facade

The main facade is designed classically and has been used with top-grade Travertine cream stones.

Locating electronic installations

Furrowing and Locating electronic installations in Ateba Rasht project

Plastering units

Plastering units walls in Ateba Rasht project

Building Roof "Ateba Rasht project"

The roof of the project constructed as the Tehrani roof and the roof isogram phase completed.

Building Roof "Ateba Rasht project"

The gable roof constructed in the middle part of the roof to insulate the ridge.


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