About Fanous Langargah

  • Fanous Langargah Holding Company (FLHCO), with the management of Farshad Vatankhah, has been established since 2007, and 100% privately started to work.
    With the main goal of effective management of financial resources, profitability, value creation and development through construction, commercial, industrial and mining activities, agriculture and chemical industerial in the domestic capital markets, the company has taken steps to develop relations and attract capital Externally. At the end of the second decade, Fanous Langargah company has been able to work with continuous efforts and effective management and more consistently than ever to succeed.
    Fanous Langargah is a corporation joint-stock company operating in various fields including construction, agriculture, fisheries, industry and mining, chemical industry and development and research. The control of the subsidiaries is directly under the control of the directors and the board of directors of the main company. The subsidiary companies of Fanous Langargah include Fanous Langargah, Persian Gulf’s Fanous Langargah, Kavoshgaran Elm va Ma’dan jonoob, and Ofogh Fanous Langargah, which are working in the mentioned fields under the supervision of the main company.
    The motto of Fanous Langargah: A global landscape with an Iranian perspective
    Fanous Langargah purpose: Achieve a special place in the national and international arena.

    Fanous Langargah
Charts of Fanous Langargah
Fanous Langargah Holding Company has completed 23 Built projects and 5 projects under construction, and has been able to provide 87 percent customer satisfaction in its services..


Customer satisfaction    87%


Built           23


Under construction    5