Aria Administrative Commercial Complex

Aria Administrative Commercial Complex is built with 6000 square meters of underground construction in six floors including 65 commercial-office, lobby, and parking spaces. This building is located in one of the best parts of the city center (martyr Kazerooni), and as the first administrative commercial complex on this street, brought the development and prosperity to this place. The start of construction of the project began in May 2007 and was completed in March 2008.

Sahar Administrative Commercial Complex, First Phase

Sahar Residential Commercial Complex is built on an area of approximately 5000 square meters located in Bandar Abbas. The execution of construction operations has been planned and carried out in two stages. The construction phase of the first phase of the project has been completed since February 2011, beginning in June 2008. The first phase of the project consists of two blocks of five floors with an area of 17500 m, as follows:
6,000 square meters of commercial and exhibition space
7,000 square meters of residential space and 10 penthouse units
3500 square meters of hall
2000 square meters of carried out parking

Sahar Complex, Phase II - Hall of Sahar

The second phase of the project is about the construction of the Sahar Hall with 3500 meters below the building. it is a multi-purpose hall for organizing conferences, celebrations, and various events and is suitable for business or office activities. The second phase construction is completed and ready for exploitation.

Darab Recreational Complex

Commercial-recreational complex Darab, located in Darab, Fars province, was built on an area of 2000 square meters. The building has five floors and has an infrastructure of over 10,000 square meters of commercial space and 700 square meters of recreational space. The project is designed and built in accordance with the new methods of the day and attention to the cultural and historical symbol of the native area. The location of the project is such that it is located in the area in the new context of Darab city. It has been inaugurated and in operation since 2016. Also, the minus of active people in a personal business booth has been able to create employment opportunities for 200 people living in the city in the game playground and plumbing plots and grocery plots. This is the first commercial entertainment complex in Darab city, providing a great place for economic activity, employment creation and spending leisure time.

Sahel Amusement Park

Sahel Amusement Park(A part of Darab Recreational Complex)

Sahel amusement park with the management of Mojtaba Gandomi and Maliheh Vatankhah with 15 professional staff is the first and the largest amusement park in Darab, with an area of ..... square meters located in the Shahrvand Darab complex. This amusement park has various recreational facilities for different age groups and has been able to provide an opportunity for all the family members to spend their leisure time and recreation with special features such as green roofs and food court. some space of the amusement park includes computer games clubs, billiard tables, Eat Ball and Snooker, and in addition, the children's playground. Attempts have been made to equip and use this amusement park while using the latest facilities of the world to create a safe and friendly environment that serves the citizens every day: from 4:00 to 12:00.