Roodan Farms

Roodan Farms

The Fanouslangargah group of anchorage in the agricultural area has been constructing more than 60 hectares of gardens in the Roodan area and the border between the provinces of Kerman and Hormuzgan. Varieties of products in these gardens include palm, mango, lemon and other citrus, as well as tropical fruits. Mango Gardens This collection is the largest mango plant in the country, which has been exporting surplus to the Persian Gulf countries in addition to supplying Mangas to the Persian Gulf region annually.

The development of these gardens, in addition to boosting youth employment, has been instrumental in economic development and security in the region.

Cultivation of Aloe Vera yellow flowers

The most important feature of Aloe Vera, which justifies its cultivation in Iran, is the plant’s need for low irrigation. Aloe Vera also has Bio capability on the poorest land. Considering the benefits of this plant, including environmental compatibility, the need for low irrigation and the increasing development of cosmetic, sanitary and edible industries, the Fanous Langargah group, in the development of Rudan Gardens has been cultivating Aloe Vera flower. Hence, 20 hectares of land are dedicated to the construction of the Aloe Vera greenhouse, and its first cultivation has been carried out since November 2018.

Greenhouse of Aloe vera